Pacific Regional Oceanscape Program: PROP KIRIBATI PROJECT

The World Bank, in collaboration with Pacific governments, regional organizations, and communities, is actively engaged in the Pacific Islands Regional Oceanscape Program (PROP) to enhance the sustainable management of ocean fisheries and coastal resources while strengthening conservation institutions. The overarching goal of PROP is to promote effective ocean management throughout the Pacific region. This is being achieved through several key objectives, including the promotion of sustainable fishing practices, the enhancement of surveillance capabilities in Pacific Exclusive Economic Zones, the enforcement of fishing regulations, and the facilitation of improved access to regional and international markets. Within the context of PROP, the Kiribati project specifically focuses on enhancing training and support for on-board fisheries observers, establishing monitoring control and surveillance facilities, and establishing a dedicated laboratory for coastal research. These efforts are aimed at ensuring the long-term safety, sustainability, and security of Kiribati's abundant ocean resources for future generations.


The Project Development Objectives is to improve the safety and management of selected fisheries in Kiribati.

Component 1

Strengthening, monitoring, control and surveillance of large scale oceanic fisheries This component will focus on a core set of civil works and technical assistance activities designed to reduce illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing occurring within Kiribati’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

Component 2

Diversifying marine-based revenue streams for Outer Islands Coastal Communities This component is designed to strengthen coastal community participation in new and existing marine-based revenue streams in the Gilbert and Line Islands.

Component 3

Improving Seafood toxicology and safety measures in selected fisheries This component mainly based on a core set of technical assistance and civil works designed to reduce the risk of contaminated seafood entering domestic and international markets, and to inform decision making and management.

Component 4

Delivering Effective Project Management his component will ensure effective and efficient Project management through support for a small Project Management Unit (PMU).